Ghost (2022)

1. Exception

2. Simple Life

3. Ghost

4. Empty Words

5. Blame

6. Pattern

7. When the Music Dies

8. Uncertainty

9. New World

10. Joni Called

All songs written and produced by Johannes Bergenheim, David Nestander, Roger Krieg. Lyrics on “Exception” co-written by Mikael Bergenheim.

All instruments and back vocals with exceptions below by Johannes Bergenheim, David Nestander, Roger Krieg. Lead vocals by David Nestander.

Johan Tjällman: Additional Guitar and production (1,2,3,6),Per Lindvall: Drums (1,4,5,6,7), Nicci Notini-Wallin: Drums (3,9,10), Dan Strömkvist: Drums (8) , Krille Eriksson: Additional Guitar (3), Göran Turborn: Additional Guitar (10), Jesper Krieg: Additional back vocals (1,9),Michaela Yurika Ottosson: Strings (2,3), Henrik Sjöberg: Trumpet (7), Petri Kivimäki: Saxophone (7,10), Frida Emelia Nestander: Choir sample (6)

Album Cover photography by Kristian Engström
Mixed and Mastered by Roger Krieg
All rights reserved Atlas Arch Records