Atlas Station (2015)

1. So We May Change

2. Million Miles

3. Flood

4. The Kite

5. Fall with you (Part 1)

6. Lay your head on me

7. Kings

8. Sleepless night

9. Orchid

10. Fall With You (part 2)

11. Time and Illusion

All songs written and produced by Johannes Bergenheim, David Nestander, Roger Krieg and JohanTjällman, except “Fall With You (Part 1)” written by Mikael Bergenheim, Roger Krieg, Johannes Bergenheim, David Nestander and Johan Tjällman. Additional lyrics on “So We May Change” and “Orchid” by Mikael Bergenheim

All instruments with exceptions below by Johannes Bergenheim, David Nestander, Roger Krieg and Johan Tjällman. Lead vocals by David Nestander.

Nicci Notini-Wallin: Drums (1,4,5,7,8) Per Lindvall: Drums (3,11) Karl Hovis Hovmark: Drums (2,9) Mikael Bergenheim: Additional Piano and Beat (5) Elin Söderberg: Cello (1,3,4,5,9,11) Göran Turborn: Lap Steel (2) Additional Guitar (3) Erik Rydvall: Keyharp (6,11) André Jakobsson: Hammond Organ (3, 11) Catarina Lindqvist: Horns (8)Million Miles contains sample from another session with Henrik Sjöberg: Trumpet and Per Mannberg: Tenor Saxophone

Mixed and Mastered by Roger Krieg at St.Eriksplan 1, Stockholm